Wednesday 1 August 2012

Wednesday 1st August

Another month in, with the rainfall tally a mere 4.25" for July... Since emptying out the rain guage out before 8 am, there has been a healthy start to August with 0.25".... and now this evening to cap it all we hear that the Rest & be Thankful road on the mainland has been shut yet again because of a landslip, thankfully there is an hour long diversion going round by Dalmally.... Thought this was meant to be a blog about birds I can hear you say... well the rain today has spoilt it as far as any birding could not be done! On the road today down to Port Ellen and beyond we counted 3 fatalities on the roads, all Hedgehogs... back here at tea time and that young aggressive Starling with the ring on its' leg was in good form clearing the bird table so it could get the lion's share of the food on offer, may be it could win a medal at the Olympics but not sure if  it  would be in the featherweight category....perhaps I should stick to the day job!!!

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