Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday 31st August

I hope that you have not been expecting to find a wealth of knowledge on the blog tonight, well forget it... The weather today has put paid to that. It has not been bucketing down, yes, it has been damp and dreich with mist down over the crag, but there again the evening plane did make it in which I did not think it would. So, the entry for the blog tonight, is about the young Fulmar from the crag. It happens every year, a young Fulmar launches itself from the crag hoping to make it out to the sea, most years we have been fortunate to see the grounded youngster as they cannot get off the ground to fly on again. The plan is really simple, catch the same bird put in a box and take down to the sea, but the try not to get spat upon by the darned youngster... Got it caught okay and took it down and released down on Loch Indaal. No doubt it will lose some weight and be able to fly and live to a ripe old age.... End of the tonight's entry...

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