Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wednesday 6th July

It has been a busy day today out here on Islay, one way another, so I am sorry to say that birdwatching was the last thing on my mind, although at the committee meeting of the Islay Natural History Trust this evening, it was commented on the effect of those winds a few weeks back. Swallows appear to have bred later, some of the adult birds have passed away, both Carl and Malcolm have found dead adults which were in really poor condition. Poor numbers of Stonechats being seen, not good. On the positive side of things, the old Apple tree out in front of the house is starting to put out some new shoots as are the Thorn bushes, the Rowan and Ash were first to produce some new growth, so fingers crossed. So far the Sycamore have done nothing apart from shedding their leaves...

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