Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tuesday 28th June

Two of the Mallard ducklings which we released down on George's pond this morning. Somebody "kindly" gave us the 8 ducklings when their parents were predated when they were only a few days old. We thought it safer if they went down to George's as here there is a history of an Otter taking ducks from time to time. They were still making the most of their new surroundings earlier this evening. Another of the monthly meetings of our informal Bird club. As usual many topics were covered including a discussion regarding a Gannet fishing, quite intense stuff you know. We also picked Peter' brains regarding the Bird Fair and his thoughts on it, not long now to the actual fair itself....Islay should be well represented as Carl and myself along with 2 members of RSPB staff will be manning the stand, George and Megan are going down too as is John Armitage. More about this again as time rolls in.

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