Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday 4th June

The heat wave has gone, but at least it is still dry, mind you I am down to the shirt sleeves again, earlier in the week, I had another 3 layers on, quite a change! This morning we had a brief visit from 12 Collared Doves, the most we have had here at the house, there have been odd birds before but certainly not as many. They were only here for a few minutes before flying off inland over the small crag. Yesterday along towards Uiskentuie we saw a Gull being harassed by a couple of Oystercatchers. As we got closer, we reckoned that the Gull had an Oystercatcher chick in its' beak, and sure enough it dropped it, similar to what they do to crack open mussels. As the road was busy we could not stop, so we do not know the outcome, no doubt the Gull won and had a meal with the Oystercatchers losing out. Out in the field the young Starlings are quite vocal trying to demand food from the adult birds, while the Jackdaws are at a loss with the trees not really offering much cover when they come in to roost, a bit odd really...On the way into Bowmore the solitary Brent Goose is still to be seen, I have not heard of any further sightings of the small group which Peter saw earlier in the week.

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