Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday 12th June

A Short eared Owl caught on camera this morning along with it's prey. Later on today the same visitors had counted 54 House Sparrows in a group down at Claddach at Portnahaven. Mark & Sally, other birders here on holiday, had seen Crossbills over at Loch Allan this afternoon. Over at Loch Gruinart, James had 5 Common Terns and a single Barnie. On the reserve itself he had a count of 4 Hen Harriers too. Peter had seen his 1st Islay Swift of the year up at Sanaigmore and also heard a Corncrake calling there too. Closer to his home at Bruichladdich, he had 2 different Arctic Tern colonies, one of 3 pairs and the other with 4 pairs. We too had seen 3 pairs past the spit at Uiskentuie, they were all in the air as folk walking their dogs went past unaware of any possible nest sites around.

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