Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday 9th June

Michal sent this through yesterday, taken up at Ardnave earlier on. Talking of yesterday, I commented that it was not that often that I had seen a female Hen Harrier sitting on a post, well this morning I too had one on a post....but no camera to immediate hand, so you will just have to believe me... A visitor gave me a late entry last night of seeing Siskins in Ballygrant Woods eating Beech mast. Also yesterday, James had a Red Grouse on the reserve at Gruinart, and later on 2 Greenshank. Mark saw 3 Barnies on the guided walk this morning, as well as a late group of 8 Whooper Swans. A visitor told me after the walk, of seeing a Magpie up towards Ardnave, close to Garra Eallabus, wonder if it was the same one that was in the wood at Gruinart? Pia, Peter's other half, had seen a couple of Red legged Partridges beside the cattle market at Bridgend. George had a couple of Arctic Terns down on the foreshore below his house and they were being very protective as if they were on territory, as George cannot recollect ones nesting there of late. He also saw a Whitethroat and had an Eider with 5 young on edge of Loch Indaal. Bob had 2 Redpolls, 3 Siskins and also 2 Greenfinches feeding their young on his feeders at home. This evening he had a male Hen Harrier fly through his garden, about 2 feet off the ground and around 10 feet away from him, being chased by a Common Gull.

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