Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday 5th June

This image was sent through this morning by James' daughter Eleanor. Yes we realise that it is a Chaffinch but what else, any positive comments appreciated!
Mark and Sally, visitors over for a fortnight, today had seen a Black throated Diver in Loch Indaal close to Uiskentuie. Mary had some sightings on her granny's land down at Portnahaven. Mary reckons that there are more Arctic Terns present this year. Over by Frenchman's Rocks there were "dozens of groups of dozens" of Gannets taking a shortcut overland, normally they follow the coastline. On the stoney beach outside Portnahaven, there were a pair of Common Sandpipers scolding her off, along with a pair of Ringed Plover, sure enough Mary saw a very little Ringed Plover chick running ahead of her. Mary took evasive action so not to disturb them further. Later on she saw an Eider, but with only one duckling. The Corncrakes are still calling well down there too, but thankfully the one outside her bedroom window has moved on! Mary yesterday had 4 Collared Doves in front of her house, the first that she can recall down there in the village. Back here at home there was a hen Pheasant out with 6 young chicks on the grass this morning, Wonder what they are thinking of the rain, we have had almost 0.6" since mid morning....