Thursday 7 March 2024

Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th March

 Two days for the price of one tonight!

Yesterday Theo from Nature Scotland had seen, amongst other things, a Pink-footed Goose at Claddach and another flying over at Gruinart where there were 2 Grey Wagtails and a White-tailed Eagle. Up by Kilchoman Distillery were three more White-tailed Eagles (2 adult and 1 young bird), plus a Male Hen Harrier. 

But his highlight of the day was just SE of Loch Gorm in the morning where a Golden Eagle was watched nearly, but not quite, catching a Hare, but soon after, successfully taking a Common Gull. Whilst feeding on its prey a pair of adult White-tailed Eagles came in, chased it off and polished off the remainder of the gull.

Mary Redman was on Jura yesterday watching a couple of Peregrines tussling with each other near Craighouse.

Today Mary noted a White-tailed Eagle having a go at the geese at Octofad as she did her school run to Port Charlotte.

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