Sunday 31 March 2024

Sunday 31st March

A pleasant, dry and sunny day with temperatures reaching 11-12 C in the afternoon.

No further news of yesterday's stranded dolphin - hopefully it swam back to the open sea.

Mary Redman saw the only summer migrants of the day - 2 Sand Martins at Claddach this morning. Val Peacock and I took a walk up to Ardnave Point in the afternoon and found none - not a Wheatear to be seen anywhere! An immature White-tailed Eagle was on Nave Island amidst 400 seals, 3 Roe Deer and about 50 Barnacle Geese, but got bored and flew back to the mainland and down Loch Gruinart. Merlin and female Hen Harrier also put in an appearance and it was a delight to see small groups of Twite and to hear them in full song - an understated Linnet-like twitter with added nasal notes intertwined. Back at Gruinart we worked our way through thousands more Barnacle Geese and eventually found a Brent Goose in their midst and some great views of the Red-breasted Goose.

Jeff Duncan had a couple of male Hen Harriers near Loch Gorm and another near Foreland. He also noticed a large flock of Common Scoter in Loch Indaal off Port Charlotte.

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