Thursday, 18 August 2022

Thursday 16th August

 A weird day with all the weather happening at some point throughout.  Weren't sure whether to be in jackets, tshirts or wooly jumpers!

Peter today had 2 sandwich terns near Port Charlotte. Myself; 2 chough near Craigfad, a wheatear just outside Port Charlotte, 3 raven just outside Portnahaven and a flock of 11 snipe near Claddach.

Over at Kilchoman reserve Margaret had a golden eagle out on the crag,  while near Saligo a ring-tailed hen harrier and a merlin near  Balinaby. 

On Monday, Lucy over at RSPB sent in the highlights of the WeBS there.

Some highlights from the WEBS today at Loch Gruinart.


1 Sandwich Tern

161 Oystercatcher

244 Ringed Plover

49 Lapwing

481 Dunlin

103 Curlew

83 Redshank

49 Common Gull

76 Herring Gull

7 Arctic Terns

2 Greenshank

5 Black-tailed godwits

Thanks to all for your sightings!


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