Thursday, 12 November 2015

Thursday 12th November

Rather blustery out here on Islay today, with gusts up to 60mph recorded and the power is still on, so you will get an entry from me tonight! Yesterday, Armin had seen a Buzzard sitting on the top of one of the chimney pots on the cottage round at Saligo. Further on up at Ardnave, on the loch there were only around 20 Swans seen, so it backs up the sightings yesterday of Swans flying out in groups. Bob had seen another 2 groups mid afternoon flying down Loch Indaal. Lesley Silcock, a returning birder to Islay and now resident down at Port Ellen had seen 2 groups of Whoopers fly out over Kilnaughton Bay yesterday morning. Also yesterday, over the dunes Armin had 15 Chough flying, and this afternoon, he had an Otter swimming in the sea at Carraig Fhada lighthouse at Port Ellen. Mike Peacock had a Leach's Storm Petrel battling against the storm as it flew down Loch Indaal, less than 10 metres from his living room window around 9am this morning. Mid morning Lesley had seen a possible Dotterel at the head of Loch Indaal.

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