Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wednesday 24th December

Isla Mckechnie and her granny had seen a Little Egret on the merse at Bridgend the other day, from her Granny's house just outside of Bridgend on the way to Bowmore. By the way, I believe that Isla is still at primary school at Keills! Yesterday, James had been in his Land Rover bird watching and listening to some music , with the window open as one does... along came a Barn Owl and James had to shield the open window, as he thought the said Owl was going to come in... wonder what the tune was??? Today, James had a couple of male Hen Harriers "talon grappling" and also a Sparrowhawk on the reserve at Gruinart. Today Peter and his friends had been over at Gruinart where they saw 220 Lapwing and around 850 Golden Plover around the 2 hides there. Ken Reeves said that we should listen to Radio Leicester at 12.20pm tomorrow, so tune in, wonder what Ken has in store for us to hear... A Merry Christmas to all our readers and followers. Some of you may already be enjoying Xmas day already, wonder if anyone will be having a White Christmas? Anyway wherever you are, have a great time with your friends and families around.

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