Saturday, 6 December 2014

Saturday 6th December

Down on Loch Indaal below the Gaelic College outside Bowmore around midday, Margaret had a count of around 21 Swans present there, a mixed group of both Whoopers and Mute Swans, but as we were in traffic, no real chance to slow down to see exactly who was who... Earlier on on out way out there was a mixed flock of between 50 and 60 Redwings and Fieldfares just as we dropped down to the reedbed and on towards the Coastguards. Today the weather has been, well dreich does not describe it, miserable neither, a pig of a day might be a better. The wind is picking up with the squally showers in for good measure too. The forecast over the next few days does not look too good, with ferry disruption looking possible mid week. Just as well we worked on in the dark last night and backfilled the "grunter wall" when we did!

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