Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tuesday 11th June

It had to happen sometime, and today was the day that our taste of summer came to an abrupt end. It was just a drizzle first thing this morning, nothing much really but as the day progressed the rain got heavier. Mind you, it's good to have some rain to lay the dust down and it will be welcome by the Distilleries for no doubt some of them will have been keeping an eye on their water stocks! On to birds I hear you all say... Jane Griffiths had a male Hen Harrier out quartering its patch up towards Mulindry yesterday evening. Last night, Margaret heard a Corncrake calling away not that far away from our bedroom window at midnight, easy to hear... it was still going at 3am, mind you I had managed to sleep in between times...Whether it was the male down from up the top I don't know for sure, but there was a calling bird there late afternoon in the rain!

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