Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday 30th June

One of the 7 Shelduck ducklings which someone,(no names here Paul), kindly gave us a fortnight ago. The 7 of them were abandoned down on Machir Bay, with no sign of any parents around, the only thing that perhaps saved them from being devoured by predators like Gulls was probably that the beach was busy with folk and there were a few dogs running around. The same ducklings are much bigger now, doubt if they would sit on your hand now, but might try and catch one tomorrow for another image....
At lunchtime today, Peter had a Sandwich Tern feeding just off Bruichladdich Pier. This afternoon coming home from Gruinart, we had 3 different Hen Harriers, a male close to Grainel, a ringtail further along the road towrads the former Kilchoman School and off reserve, below Culbuie towards Grulinmore, another ringtail. We saw a Buzzard further on, just before the turn off leading to Sanaigmore, and finally another Buzzard over the reedbed at the Coastguards' houses.

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