Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday 25th April

A great image sent through by the Rochdale birders. They managed to snap this Black headed Gull chasing a Sandwich Tern with a fish in its' mouth down over Loch Indaal the other day. Not sure of the outcome, did the gull succeed in getting the tern to drop its' food parcel???  Today, the weather has turned a wee bit colder again, the bird feeders have been busy with 14 Goldfinches counted at one time, along with some Greenfinches, Siskins still present and plenty of Chaffinches around too, not so many Blue or Great Tits compared with through the winter. At Rockside, the large flock of Golden Plover was still present and 8 Greenland Whitefronts were at Sunderland, some Barnies were still seen at Gruinart. The geese appear to be late in leaving this year, they are usually well gone by now, but everything appears to be late this year!

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