Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday 22nd April

The weather this evening, well the temperature has dropped quite a bit, think someone should speak to the folk that "arrange" that we can get some warmer weather again, the sooner the better! Carl yesterday had a small flock of 45 Golden Plover all in summer plumage round at Ballinaby. Today, visiting birders from Rochdale had a flock of over 530 Golden Plover down at Rockside, and also another 160 over close to Storakaig. Along at Sunderland Farm, they had counted 1200 Barnies, at Bruichladdich 3 Pale bellied Brent were present and past Ballygrant 10 Whitefronts were noted. 4 Chiffchaff were seen, 2 in at Loch Skerrols, 1 at Bridgend and the other in Port Charlotte. 2 Sandwich Terns were at Port Charlotte and another at "smelly corner"

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