Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday 8th March

Thanks to the BT and their hyperactive internet lines I managed to post the Wednesday entry four times... It has now been corrected and now I am taking advantage of working internet and doing Thursday/Friday entry. Neil, while spreading slurry yesterday, had an amazing view of adult white-tailed eagle swooping onto a flock of barnacle geese. Natalie saw a sparrowhawk in her garden. Mary saw black-headed gull in its summer plumage and a kestrel near Port Charlotte. Today James during the ferry crossing saw several cormorants and black guillemots in summer plumage. Bob did some birding from his window today and saw flock of 20 greenfinches, 80 chaffinches and a hen harrier passing by. He also saw about 200 whitefronts just above Port Charlotte in a rushy field.

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