Thursday 4 October 2012

Thursday 4th October

Yesterday Peter had seen a group of 10 Pink footed Geese over at Gruinart, while in the air, a female Sparrowhawk was flying high up. Bob had also seen the pinkies too, while over at Machir Bay, he had a flock of around 2- 300 Barnies coming in off the sea, rather than flying directly into Gruinart itself. Up over the dunes, Bob had a count of 7 Buzzards, no doubt eyeing up the numerous rabbits on offer...James today had an early morning goose count, 11,740 Barnies present then along with 43 Whoopers, 1 Canada parvipes sp., 1 Canada hutchinsii sp. and 1 leucistic Barnacle Goose. Some of the Whooper Swans present at Rockside/ Coull flew out today, but there are still some around.

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