Monday 8 October 2012

Monday 8th October

It's been one of those days, not enough hours in the middle of the day to get everything done, so I am running a wee bit behind schedule, sorry about that! Yesterday, Bob had a great raptor day. It started off with a Sparrowhawk hunting through his garden. At lunchtime, sitting in his conservatory, Bob had a Peregrine take out a Rock Dove, and almost immediately after a Buzzard swooped in, chasing the said Peregrine off. The Peregrine tried to get the prey back but no joy, and then the Sparrowhawk came back again, resting up only 5 fence posts away from the Buzzard. Mid afternoon, 2 Buzzards and also 2 Golden Eagles were seen. Through the afternoon a total of 3 Hen Harriers were spotted and then a female Merlin  came through the garden, and finally a Peregrine over the house, not bad from the house, who needs to go out birdwatching? Malcolm had around 40 Pale bellied Brents down below the power generating station at Bowmore this morning. Later on at lunchtime he had 30 Whoopers fly from Loch Gorm to Loch Gruinart. Our visitors from last week, Steven, Francis and Liz had been over to Jura today another raptor day, and seen Red Deer galore, everywhere... Before they got to Jura they had 2 Golden Eagles come out from Sunderland hill, one carrying a rabbit. Over at Port Askaig they had a White tailed Sea Eagle which flew over to Jura and then headed up the Sound of Islay. They had another Golden Eagle out over the crag as I was speaking to them earlier on, at the same time there were several Buzzards out too. Wally and Jude are back up for a few days, yesterday at Bunnahabhain they had 22 Fieldfare and 2 Redwing, at Skerrols a Wheatear and down close to Claddach, 4 Lapland Buntings were seen, also on the Rhinns they had a Buzzard mobbing a Golden Eagle. Yesterday, Bob from  Aberdeenshire had seen the geese in numbers at Bridgend and also up at Gruinart. Later on he had seen a Hen Harrier from the high road, and later on while watching the rutting Red Deer stags,  a White tailed Sea Eagle was seen, and it too flew on towards Jura. Think that's enough raptors from all around Islay for tonight!!!!

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