Saturday 19 May 2012

Saturday 19th May

Changeover day in the cottages today, the RAFOS team left today, I think that they had 113 species seen during their stay, but will get it confirmed through later on. Back on Wednesday, some of them had headed over to Jura and a Redwing was on their list when they came back! One of the team members who had not visited Islay before commented on the fact that he was was regularly getting over 60 species each day, whereas when he is at home he is toiling getting any more than 30 in a day! So, new birders in today, Cuckoo heard, Spotted Flycatcher seen, Sedge Warbler seen and heard, and no doubt our "local" Corncrake will be out too. This afternoon, Margaret saw a Pheasant out with young. James, Mary and Crystal have been busy at the Scottish Bird Fair at Hopetoun House, just outside Edinburgh today, so hope the weather warms up a bit for them tomorrow!

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