Monday 21 May 2012

Monday 21st May

I took this image of a Lapwing chick when I was out yesterday with Bob and Rob down at Gartbreck, where were several broods of Lapwing chicks moving around, and all differing ages and sizes too. Bob had a seen a brood of Shelduck ducklings being transferred down to the water this morning, wonder how many made it? Gary Trew from Sussex had a small flock of Greylags at Kintra yesterday and had several GND on Loch Indaal where he also had a pod of about a dozen Bottle nosed Dolphin, including a couple of young. On the Oa he had a couple of Golden Eagle and also 3 pr of Chough. Later on on theRhinns, Gary had another Eagle having a tussle with a Buzzard! This afternoon I was talking to some visitors from the Lake District who were over on a short break doing some birding, and commenting on the change in weather, up to a heady 17 degrees this afternoon. I also noticed that some of the leaves on the trees have taken a slight salt burn from last Monday's wind when it blew up to 58 mph, also some of the other buds have burst now, but will keep an eye on them, the wood at present is bare at present!

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