Wednesday 1 February 2012

Tuesday 1st February

Yesterday Peter had been down towards Ardtalla on Islay's South East coast looking for any white winged Gulls, but no joy. But, he had better fortune while scanning though a mixed flock of Greylags and Greenland Whitefronts, Peter had 3 Tiaga Bean Geese.
Last night was the monthly meet of our bird nerds here on Islay, so for a change 15 of us went to Bowmore to the "Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant" for a meal, mind you, there was not much talk about birds, an enjoyable time by all accounts.... We saw 10 Hares seen driving to Bowmore, coming home we had 11 Hares and also a Barn Owl which was sitting on a fence post at the side of the road as we approached "The Hedges" below Sunderland Farm.
Today, Malcolm had 3 Golden Eagles up at Ardnave, there were 2 first year birds soaring over the dunes being mobbed by around 40 Chough, and then there was another Eagle on the ground trying to eat a rabbit but was in turn getting mobbed by Crows and a Raven. On the floods at Gruinart, James had an immature White tailed Sea Eagle chasing after the ducks, but it gave up in the end and flew over to Craigens to annoy the geese over there.

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