Monday 20 February 2012

Monday 20th February

A miserable sort of a day out here with smurry rain and swirling mist, but better weather is due to come by the end of the week. There was an earth tremor this morning after 5 o'clock, not that I heard it, measuring a mere 2.6! Forgot yesterday that the Peregrine was out on the crag, just watching what was going on, a Sparrowhawk was making a pest of itself in the wood too. Later on one of the Ravens was on the gable end of the old church calling away. Dave yesterday down on the Oa had a Jack Snipe, saw 5 Golden Eagles, a Hen Harrier and also on Glenastle Loch a Scaup and 6 Goldeneye were present.

Later last night, looking back on any sightings of frog spawn, I saw that Stacey had seen some down in Glenastle on the Oa on the 18th of February 2008... still a sure sign that Spring is not far away, even a few of the Daffodils are out in sheltered spots, with others just waiting to burst out in bloom.

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