Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday 15th November

Well, that's the month half in already, not that I was really here anyway....They always say that time moves quicker the older you get, am I digging a hole for myself ??? Today George had 4 Greenfinches on his bird table down at Bruichladdich, the most he has had there in the past 4 years. Also present were 10 Goldfinches and a Dunnock while up on his ponds George saw a Moorhen. Bob had gone down to the Oa to see an Eagle, but no joy, so he had to make do with a Kestrel close to Kinnabus, on the road there was a Snow Bunting. In amongst the geese at the top of Loch Indaal, he had the leucistic Barnie and also 2 cackling Canada Geese. Up at Loch Cam, Bob had a male and female Hen Harrier. On his travels, they had seen several flocks of Redwing and Fieldfare moving through. Back home at Port Charlotte, Bob had a Merlin on a fence post in the garden. Here at home, the last couple of days we have had a Coal Tit on the feeders, the first for the year. Over the reserve at Gruinart, James today had a Golden Eagle and a Hen Harrier while at Killinallan he saw 2 Merlin. The leucistic Bar tailed Godwit was present at Ardnave. James had a count of 21,713 Barnies in the Gruinart area today along with 883 Whitefronts, 12 Pale bellied Brent Geese and 68 Greylags.

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