Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thursday 17th November

Well as predicted, the rain arrived, and so it turned out to be rather a squally day with the wind and rain...If you look down our list of "contributors", you may notice a few changes in the names, Catherine Fotheringham has left RSPB, but still is here on Islay, so hopefully we can still persuade her to give some more input! Catherine's post has been filled by David Wood who has come up from Norfolk. Michal Sur's contract with RSPB has ended for this year, and Michal has gone to Aldabra in The Seychelles, to do some contract work out there and to avoid our winter weather and he should get a sun tan rather being weather beaten here on Islay. The post of assistant warden to James at Gruinart has now been filled by Mary McGregor who has contributed to the blog over the last 2 summers. We wish them all well in their respective new jobs.

Today David Wood has managed some bird sightings before the weather closed in. At Risabus, on the edge of the reserve at the Oa, he had seen 8 Bullfinches, and noted several mixed flocks of Fieldfares & Redwings with some Blackbirds seen with them. David also had a Merlin too. Visitors from Edinburgh had a Long tailed Duck off Ardnave Point.

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