Friday 4 February 2011

Friday 4th February

Sorry folks, there is not much to report on the "bird front" tonight as the wind continues to play games with us. The wind, top speed here, along at one of our neighbour's house was 61 mph yesterday, and only 56mph today, net result another flat pack construction destroyed. This time it managed to clear the road with the debris on the bottom side of the road. The ferry has not come today either, no newspapers, no food, the joys of living out here. No real broadband either come to think on it, not weather related I know, but...
George, the other day showed us some feathers which he had found, and after consulting a book Malcolm thought that they had been from a Water rail.
Today, in the teeth of the wind, there were 25 Shelduck hunkered down at "smelly corner".

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