Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tues 22nd Dec

Tracey from SNH sent me out an e mail today with the figures for the International Goose Count carried out last week. In total there were 40,727 Barnies and 7,079 Whitefronts. Many thanks to Tracey and the team for these figures through the year.
Another e mail that I received the other day was from Michal out in The Seychelles. If you recall Michal worked with RSPB here on Islay, and provided many excellent images for us all to admire. Well, when Michal first went out to Aride in The Seychelles, it was for a 3 month spell and he should have been returning home by now. But by a "turn of luck", just before he was due to leave Michal heard that Denis Island was looking for somebody to help oversee the conservation project there, mainly involved with the Seychelles Magpie Robin, a similar role to what he carried out on Aride. Needless to say Michal got the posting, and will be out there in the sun for Xmas and be there until February/ March. Just think of the tan he will have by then!

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