Monday, 30 November 2009

Mon 30th Nov

Firstly, many thanks to James for writing the blog while we were away on holiday, that's it all done and dusted for another year. Who suggested staying in the UK in November, it certainly was n't me! On a positive note though, not trying to blow ones' own trumpet, but certainly I felt that here on Islay, there are more birds to be seen, but again that's only my view..... We did have, as James said, Nuthatches, Jays, and also Squirrels which we do not have over here, and also the sight of many mole hills. The moles perhaps got drowned out with all that rain!
Back to yesterday, and James saw an Otter and her 2 cubs from the ferry, on the rocks at the mouth of Loch Tarbert. James was saying earlier this evening, that the Little Egret was still around down at Bridgend. Also yesterday, Carl Reavey had a white winged gull down towards Portnahaven, but was not close enough to get a positive id. Carl also had a Merlin at Rockside and lots of Redwing over at Lyrabus Croft. Coming home tonight from work, and he had a Barn Owl at Springbank.

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