Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sun 24th Aug

The other night as we came back from Port Charlotte, there was a Barn Owl on the ground, right in the middle of the single track road, there was also a Hedgehog on the verge side about 4 yards away from it, so had the owl being out hunting and seen the hedgehog, or was it just a coincidence that there were close together? Earlier that evening, we had a Merlin on our way to Port Charlotte. I think that another batch of Swallows and Martins have moved on, as on Friday evening there were quite a lot on the wires overhead and also on the wing, but this morning there do not appear to be so many around. There have been several families of Goldfinches around over the last few days, on the ground, on the niger feeders, on seed heads and also in the trees.
George had seen a group of 170 Common Gulls down at Bruichladdich, but interestingly there were only 3 young amongst them all. GJ

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