Thursday 31 January 2008

Tues 29th - Thurs 31st Jan

Who needs the weather forecast, when we can really trust the Fulmars to give us an accurate indication the the weather is going to break down. As I write on Thursday lunchtime, the wind has certainly got up, not gusty but just blowing 45mph contantly. The roof on the former Kilchoman Church has been taking the brunt of it where it is situated. The ferry did not come over last night, but made a quick dash to Port Askaig this morning, but is not coming back again this afternoon.
Yesterday before the winds got up, the bird feeders outside were really busy, even more birds than there were on Sunday, and today there was a male Reed bunting sheltering in the bushes. Even as I write this, the feeders in the shelter of the house are being well visited, just as well that we got more food in last week for them!
Down on the spit on the Strand there were over 200 Rooks on the foreshore turning some of the seaweed over looking for food, while further along a Gull was seen to be dropping a shell down onto the stones below in the hope of cracking it open.
The snowdrops are all well out, and down at the burn, sheltered in the wood, there is a single daffodil flowering, which must be early.

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