Saturday 26 January 2008

Fri 25th - Sat 26th Jan

With the high winds all day on Friday, there were not many birds to be seen here on Islay apart from 7 Whooper Swan which were sheltering at the edge of the lochans below Rockside. The winds have been blowing strongly since around about tea time on Thursday, although they did die down briefly on Saturday morning, but now late on Saturday afternoon, it is blowing as strong as ever. The ferry has not been really disrupted, although it has been using Port Askaig instead of Port Ellen, one advantage of having 2 ferry ports here on Islay. This morning, during the lull, the fulmars were back in again!!! Out and about 2 separate female Hen Harrier, and quite a few Shelduck were down at Carnain, were it was interesting to see a lot of seaweed has been brought in with the tide combined with the high winds. Here's hoping that the weather
calms down so we can do the Garden Birdwatch tomorrow!

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