Saturday 17 November 2007

12th November to 17th November

A quick update before I hand back to the blogmaster on his return from Jersey soaking up the Channel Island sun. (Although I believe they have recorded snow bunting, must have been soaking up the sun too.)
Some interesting comments were posted on the last entry to the blog, with yet more records that are worth a mention. DWT recorded otters at Kilnaughton and Ardbeg as well as 3 bottle-nose dolphins off Ardnave, 50 chough and a golden eagle at Kilchoman and also a goshawk some where on the Island, all recorded during there stay 3/11 to 10/11.
A WEBS count at Gruinart on the 12/11 revealed good numbers of wildfowl infront of the hide including 1,232 teal, 328 wigeon, 41 shoveler and 58 pintail. Wader numbers on the Loch were also good with large quantities of redshank having arrived (JRH). On the 13/11 at the Oa reserve (AK) reported a corn bunting and a male goosander. A goose count at Gruinart on the 15/11 produced a total of 12,700 barnacles and 605 whitefronts on the reserve plus a hutchinsii Canada goose. There was an International goose count on the Island during 12-13/11, but I have not heard any results yet. Today 17/11 (AK) phoned to say that he had seen a white tailed eagle on the Oa.

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Armin said...

Before you hand back to the blogmaster I'd like to say that you've done a great job here!

Thank you very much for keeping us up to date while the blogmaster was soaking up the sun and hopefully recovering further.