Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Wednesday 6th May

Some more details regarding the Barnacle Goose found by Bob in a field close to his house up behind port Charlotte... It was originally rung as a young bird on the nest on the 19th of July last year, and Bob had found it on the 25th of March this year.. It had travelled/ flown 1071 km over 250 days...

When I was speaking to Bob earlier this evening, he was telling me that he had heard a Lesser Whitethroat singing in his garden this morning as well as 2 Sedge Warblers joining in as well.

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Malcolm said...

Hmm. You can't ring a young Barnacle Goose "on the nest", as they leave it within 1-2 days of hatching and aren't old enough to ring until they are about 2-3 weeks old. At the breeding site would do instead!