Tuesday 19 August 2014

Tuesday 19th August

Yes, the blog is back on the go again after a trip down to the British Bird Fair. This is now the fourth year that Islay has had a stand, and it appeared to be busier than ever. It is really hard to gauge exactly, but certainly apart from individuals asking about Islay, some new interesting fields of discussions took place. A lot of hard work went in before and during the event, but we did manage some bird watching after setting the stand on Thursday afternoon, more about that tomorrow night! Thanks to all those who helped down there, Andy, Bob, Dave, Carl, James, Sarah and Dot with moral support from many others, a great effort by a great team, you all did Islay proud!!! Back to Islay and our birds.... Pat, Bob's other half had seen 8 Red Grouse out up behind Port Charlotte yesterday while George still has 3 young Moorhens out of the original clutch of 7 eggs...This evening, George saw 4 Sandwich Terns, and has been seeing odd Terns on the move since the 6th. George was also saying that he has not seen any Arctic Terns since the 4th. A new garden bird on the feeders in my absence is a Great Tit, may be one of the ones from down below who have moved up the hill too!!! Coming over on the ferry last night to Port Askaig there appeared to be a steady stream of Gannets seen.

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