Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday 3rd August

Yesterday before the rain really set in, Bob had mixed flock of around 1,000 Gulls and Rooks all down on a field that was being cleared for silage at Octomore, outside of Port Charlotte. He also saw a mumeration of Starlings twisting and turning in the sky, only for it to be spoofed by a young Peregrine... At the top of Loch Indaal, Bob counted 20 Herons along with 7 Barwits, 42 Redshank and 120 Curlew. Today it has stayed mainly dry, but in the previous 24 hours we had an inch of rain... Today, Ben Moyes who is over on holiday with his parents. They had been up at Ardnave Point where they saw a ringtail Hen Harrier, 20 Chough and also 3 Bonxies. Later on down at Saligo Bay, they saw another Chough while offshore there was a good passage of Manxies offshore.

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