Thursday, 7 August 2014

Thursday 7th august

Ben and his folks had seen the Osprey at Gruinart this morning, but it had flown off this afternoon.. Up at Ardnave they had seen Chough, Ravens, Gannets and Shags offshore. Later on, they saw a Green Sandpiper fly past Orsay lighthouse down at Portnahaven. This morning, Margaret had counted 19 song Thrushes out poking around out in the garden. Mid morning coming back from Gruinart, we had a young male Hen Harrier on the moor, close to the road before it took off and flew again. Mary this morning spotted 3 ringtail Hen Harriers mobbing 10 Hooded Crows on a fence! Earlier this week, a friend who lives up behind Bridgend had counted 37 Swallows on the wires outside his house, all gathering up now for their long flight South! This afternoon, out in the field I came across a hen Pheasant who had some chicks which could only have been a few days old...

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