Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday 31st August

Malcolm was in touch through the week to say that the Swallows at his house have just fledged their third brood for this year. Today over at Gruinart, James had 3 Ospreys, one fishing on Loch Gruinart with another 2 flying high overhead. James also saw 2 Peregrines over the reserve, and also a Greenshank out in front of the "old" hide. Another Ileach had seen an Osprey on top of a straining post (type of fence post) at Gruinart with another on top of a telegraph pole over towards Loch Gorm. He also had seen 2 white tailed Sea Eagles over in the Loch Gorm area. Here at home this morning there was a steady movement of Gannets flying South out past Machir Bay, maybe I should have stopped what I was doing and had a count for half an hour... must do it another time!

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