Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tuesday 25th June

Rather a late entry, in a wee while it could have been an entry for tomorrow, so better press on or it will be...
Tonight was our monthly meeting of the bird nerds here on Islay, we met down close to the airport and then headed down to the Strand and Loch Indaal. We walked along the shore and came across the remains of the Sperm whale close to Knockangle Point. This evening it was up on the beach, when it was first seen it had been on the rocks but with the recent high tides it had shifted. A good selection of birds was seen while we were out. Out on Loch Indaal, GND, Gannets diving, 2 rafts of Eiders in moult around 60 in all, 2 groups of R. B. Merganser, 16 and 26, several Shag. Along the shoreline, there was the Tern colony, with 12 Little Tern and 36 Arctic Terns on nests.Also on the shore were Ringed Plover, Oystercatcher and a Dunlin on a rock. 6 Curlew flew overhead. In the back of the shoreline Skylarks were singing away, a distant Wheatear on a fence post, Lapwing on the ground and in flight and some more Oystercatcher seen. Finally there was a Buzzard out as we got  back up to closer to Glenegedale. We had 14 folk out, a good night enjoyed by all. Coming home there were 2 Herons at Gartmain. 

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