Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday 22nd June

The weather forecast, glad to say, turned out wrong... it was damp first this morning but by 9 am it had faired up, and apart from another dollop of rain around midday, it has been a good day, this evening blue skies. Also being a Saturday, changeover day here in our cottages, not much time for birds really. After the cottages were finished, some demolition work with the help of James and Henry, in readiness for the builders coming. So the only record that I can give this evening is that while working away, we had 2 Corncrakes calling away, great to hear them. The visitors in the top cottage had seen one of the Corncrakes, out on the grass in their garden yesterday! James learnt a new word today... a dwang, no,  it is not slang, nor a swear word either!

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