Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thursday 27th June

Rather a dreich sort of a day outside. It started of with rain through the night and wet first thing this morning, then it stopped and then it became misty or was it a haar rolling in from the sea? The crag came into view for a while, although the tops were still shrouded, as I write this entry at around 9pm I cannot see any of the crag at all.... Luckily for you folk out there, I had forgotten to put on some birds through from Carl last night! Along at Crosshouses, Carl had seen some newly hatched Moorhen chicks. Back outside the Distillery at Bruichladdich, he spotted 2 broods of Eiders, and on Loch Indaal  off Port Charlotte a GND was present in full summer plumage. We saw a pr of Shelduck with 9 ducklings on Loch Indaal, just as we came into Bruichladdich yesterday evening. Bob had not seen the Sparrowhawk of late, but on Tuesday had seen it devouring a House Sparrow with a ring on its leg, one of possibly Euan's birds caught and rung last July!

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