Wednesday 4 April 2012

Wednesday 4th April

Not the warmest of days out here today, but the clarity of the air was something else, going down to Port Charlotte this evening the light was great, no doubt the sunset would have been tremendous, but I was inside, so never saw it. I had been down at the talk at the INHT given by George Robertson, images taken on Islay by him over the years, could have watched more of them, a really easy speaker to listen to. The talk was well attended, with around 85 folk present, including a couple that had been at the Bird Fair at Rutland last August. It was their first visit to Islay, and by the way they spoke this evening, it won't be their last either! Talking of Bird Fairs, James is taking the "Islay stand" to Hopetoun House in May to the Scottish Bird Fair, while I am returning back down to Rutland Water in August. All going well, the format will be along the same lines as last year with some Islay hospitality on offer to those who wish to participate. Sorry, there is nothing on about birds tonight, but I hope I will have a better entry for tomorrow night for you to read!

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