Thursday 23 May 2024

Thursday 21st May

The strong north to north-west wind continued overnight and through to early afternoon before moderating a little, though still from the north. It was overcast all day but without more than a few millimetres of rain, certainly not as much as was forecast.

There was perhaps slightly more bird news than might have been expected, given the weather. Louise saw a Mistle Thrush in Craighouse, Jura, this morning, complete with a nice example of WhatsApp's predicted spelling! Ed Burrell reported a Greenland White-fronted Goose at Loch Cornabus, possibly the same one as last Monday, though where was it in between, while Linden had at least 17 Arctic Terns at Portnahaven.

On Facebook, David Livingstone reported, plus excellent photographs, Gannets feeding in Kilnaughton Bay, a rather sensible place for them when the wind is in the north.

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