Friday 19 January 2024

Weds 17th and Thursday 18th January

The cold spell continued with Wednesday seeing a nice covering of snow over the island. Even had enough for sledging after the kids didn't get to school. The perks of living down a track the council neglects to grit...and tar...

Back to birds, on Weds on the croft there were around 30 golden plover feeding in the fields, plus a notable increase of winter thrush. Mainly redwing, but some fieldfare and a mistle thrush at Ellister.  High overhead a WTE was visible, and in fact seen most mornings on the school run.

Andy on his last day reported Great northern and black throated divers at Kilnaugton bay, plus 8 whooper swan.  Thanks Andy for all your contributions.

Thursday - Steve reported otter on the rocks near his home. Off shore 2 merganser, a black guilliemot plus 2 WTE with what looked like a mallard. All off Emerivale.

For me, Thursday was a 'chough day' - 2 at Currie Sands, 2 at Nerebus, and 3 at Octofad.

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