Monday 23 January 2023

Sunday 22nd & Monday 23rd January

Weather here in Scotland apparently much balmier than “down south”.

Very little bird news to report, hence a double-billing of two days today. Yesterday there were various notes coming in of ringed White-tailed Eagles that folks were trying to identify, but with no definite news as yet. Ed Burrell also reported marked birds – one of his Greenland white-fronts that he caught and marked in Hvanneyn, Iceland in April 2013 now at Ballitarsin.

Today, I noted 22 Brent Geese along the coast of Loch Indaal and a young White-tailed Eagle perched up on Blackrock – needless to say that was the first time I’ve seen those rocks with no Shags sitting on them!

Mark Shields reports a Green Sandpiper on Gruinart Flats today – an uncommon bird on Islay, with only 54 records between 1970 and 2020. Previous records have been spread between March and November, so this is the first January sighting.

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