Saturday 31 July 2021

The blog - an update


Since the untimely and sudden death of Ian Brooke, it was agreed between his wife Margaret and the birdwatchers on Islay that we should keep his Bird Blog going. This was decided partly as an ongoing tribute and legacy to Ian, but also because it provides such a useful conduit to let anyone interested, know what a great birding destination Islay is and what is being seen on a daily basis.

We have now reconfigured the blog with a new email address ( for contributors to communicate and tell us of their sightings. There is now a small group of us on Islay who will share the duties of administrating the blog and writing up any worthwhile daily wildlife news.

We apologise for the break in news and updates on the Islay Bird Blog, but hope you will continue to use it, contribute to it and let others know of its existence.

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