Friday 10 March 2017

Friday 10th March

Many thanks to James for compiling the blog in my absence over the past 3 weeks while we were away on holiday to Tanzania, ably led by Peter Roberts. Mike and Val Peacock, Tim and Ann Cleeves, Margaret and myself made the UK contingent with Alice from Seattle and Caroline from Florida made up our small, select group up...  I am not 100% sure of the final figures, but over 440 species of birds were seen, with many animals seen as well, including a pack of 15 wild dogs, the first that Peter has seen in Tanzania, in over 25 visits... A trip of a lifetime, great sightings shared with great friends along with 3 excellent guides/ drivers, Moses, Vincent and Martin from Tanzania Birding, words are hard to find to explain the trip, so many thanks to Peter for organising it for us all...

Back here on Islay, the rainfall figure came to 4.3 inches for February, so there must have been a few wet days in our absence. James reported through late afternoon, to say that the Green winged Teal was seen out in front of the hide at Gruinart today.

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