Saturday 31 December 2016

Hogmany, 31st December 2016

Another year almost in, well here on Islay that is, as 2017 will already be in full swing down under... so wherever you are have a great New Year. You will have to wait until tomorrow for an update on the rainfall for December and also for a total for the year, will it be more than the previous year???
No bird reports in yet for today, but this afternoon, here at home, some Barnacle Geese flew in to the Machir out towards the War graves Cemetery, the first Barnies seen there this winter... There was big numbers of birds in at the food on offer early afternoon, I reckon that there were around 70 birds there, mainly Chaffinches and House Sparrows with the odd Dunnock, Goldfinch and yes, 3 Great Tits too. The odd Blackbird and Robin hopped in for a quick titbit as well. The Goldfinches appear to be not so common as a few weeks ago...  Depending on when the birds are fed, we can get quite a few Starlings drop in as do the Jackdaws. Because of the windy weather of late, we stopped using the bird feeders, in case they got broken, but the birds are happy to be fed directly off the ground!!! 

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