Friday, 12 August 2016

Friday 12th August

Rather a miserable sort of a day, with a cloud coming and going over the crag. The plane made it in this evening which is more than it did yesterday!!! As the visibility was poor, it has had a knock on effect on the bird watching... Bob dropped by this afternoon and he too had his first Sparrowhawk for some time as well, noting a male in his garden one day, another day a male up on Bolsay Moor and then another male in his garden yesterday. Late, last night I saw a hen Pheasant with a couple of bedraggled chicks, down on one of the "paths" down beside the game/ cover crop, sad to say that it might have been the same pheasant that Mandy saw on Monday 9 young chicks... the weather this week will have taken its' toll on the youngsters...

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